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Advisory Peer Board

Advisory Peer Board comprises of business owners or executives from a diverse range or similar businesses.   It connects likeminded business leaders and facilitates the sharing of best practices between business and help advise a business owner or executive regarding any number of business issues. Board members learn directly from peers about the business challenges and opportunities they are facing and help each other grow their businesses.


What is in it for me!

Big businesses and organisations enjoy the collective wisdom of a highly experienced, elected board of directors along with a large pools of executive talent.  Small business owners or executives cannot afford this luxury of affording business advice or mentorship. As a member one of our advisory peer board, you’ll meet with a group of other likeminded business owners or executives in our professionally facilitated meetings to collaborate on issues facing each member. As you receive help with your own decisions, you will in turn help other members of the board make choices and solve problems for their businesses.

You are more likely to be successful with the advisory peer board if

  • You are committed to the continuous improvement of your organisation, its people and its processes then this is a meeting not to be missed!
  • You are open and an unusual thinker. You recognise that today's business challenges cannot be solved by old traditional ways of doing things. You welcome new ways of thinking, value new perspectives and being challenged.
  • You do 'what it takes' to deliver quality professional services for your clients. The professional services delivered are, without exception your best effort. Striving for operational excellence and continuous improvement.
  • You are committed to long-term solutions, and willing to make a commitment to work rather than to a quick fix.
  • You like to work collaboratively and in partnership.
  • You are willing to get help. You know that the best way to help others, is to make sure that you have adequate help yourself where you need it.
  • You are willing to invest in your business. For others to believe in it, you have to believe in it, and you know that the right investments are what nourish your business to succeed.
  • You must be committed to your advisory peer board groups


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