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Practice Assessment

Practice EvaluationDo you ever wonder how well your practice is doing, or why are you getting such CQC rating? Just as medical assessment identifies current or potential health problems in people, your practice should have an assessment to ensure it is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Many practices don't know why their practices aren't doing well and are forced to guess what's wrong. Instead of working in the dark, you can ensure clinical health of your practice by determining how well you're doing. This is one of the greatest opportunities to improve the outcomes and overall performance of your practice.

Practice assessments review the current state of your overall practice to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities, determine what your practice does, or could do to provide an excellent care service to patients and improve the workplace for staff. We assess the critical areas of the practices to identify and document issues, strengths, weaknesses, gaps and improvement opportunities. The assessment is achieved through a series of one-to-one or group interview sessions, conducted across the practice to gather both qualitative and quantitative information that will result in a complete report of findings and recommended actions to take.

Some outcomes of our practice assessment includes but not limited to achieving optimal practice health; enhancing CQC inspection and rating outcomes; and improving office’s day-to-day operations.

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