Divisions and Related Companies

Thidasp Limited has brought together or is spinning a comprehensive suite of branded services and solutions use leading complementary technologies and capabilities from across a range of interconnected disciplines. The unique approach enables Thidasp Limited, our strategic service divisions, branded services, service offerings and expertise to focus closely on project-enhancing solutions to operating challenges while delivering sustainable and successful projects.

HFTI Solutions

HFTI Solutions is a division in Thidasp Limited that focus on a full-service digital solutions with a range of services to meet the unique needs of clients. From web and application development to open-source consulting and implementation.

The web and application development services are designed to help bring organisations digital vision to life. Whether a custom-built website or a complex application, the expert team will work to create a solution that meets organisation needs and exceeds expectations.

Open source technologies have the power to transform organisation, but the implementation process can be complex and challenging. The open-source consulting and implementation services are designed to help maximise the benefits of open-source technologies while minimising the risks and costs associated with implementation.

CAARRS Limited

CAARRS Limited is a subsidiary of Thidasp Limited with focus on Customer Experience and Engagement Solutions. In today’s digital age, customer experience and engagement is more important than ever. The customer experience and engagement solutions are designed to help businesses create a seamless, engaging experience for customers, from first touch to post-purchase follow-up.